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  • Living Streams Ministries gives much importance to subjects such as, the sinful state of man, repentance, the experience of salvation that is gained through Jesus, transformation of life, sanctification, testimonial life, fellowship of the Holy Spirit and so on.
  • Living Streams Ministries has been well trained by the Lord to operate, depending only on the grace of God and not deviating from the Biblical truths in any way.
  • Living Streams Ministries is fully aware that even a slight inclination towards money, materials, status, fame, luxury, power and position would cause deviation from the righteous path of truth, paved by God. 
  • This ministry stresses further on relationship with God, reflecting God in day to day life, fulfilling the purpose of God, being identified by virtues apart from regular Bible reading, prayer, church goings, doing ministry and leading a disciplined pious life. 
  • It’s not wrong to make appeals for offering when there are genuine ministerial needs; yet, in these days, when people at large are cheated under the guise of ‘offering’, it’s better to avoid making such appeals’ – This is the firm view of the Living Streams Ministries
  • The Living Streams Ministries gives clarion call for people to live a life pleasing to God, with the strength gained by having a close fellowship with Him, not stopping with merely worshipping the Lord. 
  • The Living Streams Ministries encourages people to specially manifest their love towards God by living a life liked by Jesus in the midst of other people, rather than showing their piety through a hermit- like life, or through different dress code and appearance.

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