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Living Stream - 2010-10

Mag-Eng-2010-10Dearly beloved,

Loving Greetings to you in the sweet name of our Lord Jesus Christ! May the grace and peace of God be with you! I thank the Lord for all those who pray for the Living Streams ministries and for the dear ones who support this through their donations! I pray that the Lord should bless them with all benefits!

The numbers of dear ones who are benefitted by the Living Streams Ministries are increasing day by day. The messages published in the Living Streams magazine, based on the Truth, are causing spiritual revival among so many people. The Lord who is unchanging in His promises, is polishing and leading these ministries towards the right goal, day by day. Honesty, integrity, justice, righteousness, love and morality have become rare things in today's society. Cheating, deviousness, craftiness and vile nature are predominant. Immorality which is rampant these days is wrecking the society.

In the midst of a generation which was perverted and wickedness was great, Noah had close contact with God and guarded himself pure. Even today, those who desire to seek relationship with God and live for Him alone can resist the forces of sin and guard their holiness. These days, the desire to know the Lord and to live for Him is not generally seen in servants of God and believers. These days when noisy worship services and attractive spiritual services are abundant, the knowledge of knowing the Lord and the standard of life pertaining to spiritual truths has drastically gone down.

Colourful and decorative services are everywhere; but God is not to be found. Plenty are the Night Prayers and Fasting Prayers; but the powerful operations of God are not manifested. Evangelism is freely flowing through Media and on stage. Yet there is acute scarcity of divine good words that are based on the truth. Noises are heard everywhere; but there is no spiritual truth.

A genuine group of Christians who live only for God, lean only on God and who walk only on His path, should raise up. May the Lord give you, who are reading this magazine, the grace to make a commitment to be the first member in that group!

Your loving brother,
Samson Paul


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