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Living Stream - 2011-03

Mag-Eng-2011-02Dearly beloved in Christ,

My joyful greetings to you in the name of the Lord JesusChrist who is never changing! It is a pleasure to share with you the Lord's Words through this magazine. I thank the Lord for all your loving help, encouraging words and prayers of concern. May the Lord bless you with all goodness!

The young generation of these days is caught up in the web of wrong culture of having girl/boy friends and argues what's wrong in mingling with the opposite sex. They easily fall a prey to the fast spreading immoral culture and sexual perversions which are quite rampant these days. Ultimately, they wreck their own life and their future looks bleak.

With the vision that their children should attain the highest level in their academics, most of the parents take extra efforts to make their dream come true. Sadly, they are lethargic in taking efforts to lead the children in God's ways and teach them discipline. The children are left untended, though their
brain is sharpened more and more.

Besides, they bring up their children in wrong dress code and filthy modern culture, without any restriction and thus become the root causes for the children's wreckage. It is not at all proper for the children of any
Christian family to enjoy wearing vulgar dresses that are against modesty and projected as 'fashionable' in the cinemas. In most of the churches, teachings on such topics which would bring awareness among the young generation that fall a victim to the ultramodern culture, are not preached; also, the youth are made to celebrate the youth programmes and the right path is not at all shown to them. Let us pray much for the young generation. Let us live a proper life before them.

Your loving brother,
Samson Paul


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