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Living Stream - 2011-02

Mag-Eng-2011-02Dearly beloved in Christ,

May the Lord be with you! I greet you all in the holy name of Christ! I pray that the Lord should make your life shine more and more with His divine love and fellowship.

I remember all those who sent offering towards the ministry, with great concern, before the presence of God
and pray for them. I also fall at the feet of God to thank Him for all those who encouraged me in this ministry with their loving words and burdened prayer.

It is ofcourse a matter of joy that there is considerable increase in the number of those who cheerfully give offering for the Lord, those who worship Him as a gathering and those who long to do something for the Lord. However, it is saddening that there is no such noticeable growth in the number of those who want to reflect that nature of Christ and stand as a role model for a truthful Christian

Church leaders bring in novelty and attractions in the mode of worship and they take pride in the way the people have been taught to worship God in an excellent manner. Sadly, the same leaders lag behind in creating a
spiritual awareness among the people to live like Christ and they seriously lack interest in the people's spiritual growth.

Salvation, being led by the Holy Spirit, holy life etc., have been totally forgotten in these days' traditional and orthodox churches. On the contrary, in Pentecostal Churches, the vision of living a true Christian life as depicted in the Scriptures has been totally wiped off without any trace. Ironically, in these churches, there is no dearth of questions such as ''Are you saved? Are you anointed?" and so on.

The immediate and urgent need of these days is not those who talk for the Lord or give for the Lord or sing for the Lord but those who live a life that is pleasing to the Lord. May God give you the grace to be one among

Your loving brother,
Samson Paul


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