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Living Stream - 2011-01

Mag-Eng-2011-01Dearly beloved,

May the peace and love of God be with you! May the Lord guide you and your family in the path of grace! I am delighted to once again get in touch with you through this magazine.

I thank the Lord for all those who support and pray with concern for this ministry. May the Lord bless them abundantly! Let us thank  the Lord for the spiritual interest and awareness that is created among so many people through the Living Stream magazine.

These days' Christianity needs more reformation than in the days of Martin Luther; these days' churches have gone far away from Truth and are more messed up, than they were in the days of Luther.

In the days of Martin Luther, Bible was denied to the people; so they had no proper knowledge of the truth. These days glamour, arrogance and authority have become the identity of the servants of God and because of their lust for self gain, the people are unable to recognize the truth and are blind. Singing talent and attractive words are used as a means to deceive the people; church services have become mere eye-catching entertainments. The ultra modern pastors have changed the congregation into spectators who enjoy their show.

Even while crimes, hypocrisy and wreckages against genuine spirituality is increasing, there is a hue and cry, "Don't point out others' errors; don't criticize anyone". It is certain that it is not God who is prompting such people to raise this voice because those who say like this must surely be those who neither love the truth nor know about it. How can God's love operate in them who are not bothered when the people are deceived?

In the midst of this wreckage, let us get reformed;

In the midst of unrighteous deeds, let us be a testimonial for righteousness.

Let us mend our ways before we reform others.

Your loving brother,
Samson Paul


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