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Daily Devotion

Daily Devotion

I Kings  -  19. 1-13

Matthew  -  17.1-9

And after the fire came a gentle whisper.

I Kings - 19:12

I used to wonder about the small clock that was in my room. It seemed to be very quiet in the daytime but in the night its ticking sound was quite audible. Did it produce the ‘tick, tick’ sound only during the night? No. Obviously the sound is there all the time. Its ticking sound continues both in the daytime and in the night. But during the day, its ticking sound is drowned by the other sounds. I could not hear the feeble sound of the clock because of the loud and noisy daytime. God’s voice is also like that. His voice sounds all the time but we are not able to hear His soft whisper in our heart because the loud noises from the world tend to fill and echo within our heart.   When our heart is clogged with wealth related aspirations, worldly   desires and    involvement in relationships there will be restlessness and consequent turbulence. In the midst of this roaring turmoil, it will be impossible to listen to the whisper of God. That’s why even powerful messages do not impact the people- which also gets lost amidst the already existing cacophony in the heart. The heart cannot listen to the soft whisper of the Lord. God will help us listen to His voice only when we decide to put off  the drowning voices of our heart. When we start giving first priority to enjoying His presence and relationship and decide to discipline our life suitably by allotting enough time to stay in His presence we can   have the experience of God talking to us. Even those who claim to have been anointed by the Holy Spirit do not have the experience of listening to the voice of God.  Sometimes they misinterpret their thoughts and feelings as God’s voice. The Holy Spirit is given to us to help us enjoy relationship with God. God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit. Those who have been really anointed by the Holy Spirit will discern the soft whisper of God.

For thinking:  The heart that does not listen to the whisper of God cannot discern the will of God.


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